Building an MVP for a new product means that we work in a field of high uncertainty and can lead to excessive investigations or rushed, non-optimal decisions. An essay from Alexandra Melnikova.
Using a product board lets founders and startup teams coordinate closely on the development process.
Productive time management helps you hit both business and life goals. Use this guide to shape your daily routine so you can stress less and achieve…
Building faster means more time to gain traction, understand user needs and raise funds. Here are 4 ways to launch products and new features faster.
Our toolkit and strategy to identify trending mobile app niches, expand your product expertise and discover the potential for your app and startup…
A plan helps get things done, align and coordinate teams, and provides a transparent overview of the most important moments along your product roadmap.
The story of how our plant-care app idea transformed into an educational app for kids. How and why we decided to move on with this product validation.
Find valuable insights from your team or audience and turn them into lead-generating content to reach your target market.
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